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You Could Get Up to $69,440* In Govt Assistance As An Eligible First Home Builder!
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Lot 467, Equinox Loop


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Lot 475, Gleam Street


House Prices in Wellard

Lot 471, Equinox Loop


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Lot 501, Gleam Street


Houses Wellard

Lot 491, Indigo Bend


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Lot 471 Equinox Loop


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Lot 501 Indigo Bend, Wellard


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Lot 250 Indigo Bend, Wellard


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Lot 498 Indigo Bend

$Fr 341,690

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Lot 476 Gleam Street

$Fr 313,490

First Home Builders Could Get Up To $69,440* Off Your Dream House And Land Package With Sunrise At Wellard

Sunrise at Wellard offers Wellard's best valued land and house and land packages starting from only $276,665* We partner with reputable builders that can arrange the perfect home for you and your family in our well positioned and maintained private Estate. To check if you are eligible for a whopping $69,440* off your house and land package, leave your details and a dedicated home and land executive will be in touch to run through the options that are best for your needs.

The Federal Government has just released details of its latest stimulus package which will see all buyers (including first home buyers) receive a $25,000 grant to help build their new home.

Plus with the new $20,000 State Government grant; this means you could receive up to $45,000.  If you're a first home buyer, that figure rises to $69,000 including the first homebuyer grant and stamp duty concession.

13 Reasons to buy Wellard House and Land Packages with Sunrise

✓ Up to $69,440* in Government Assistance Until 31/12/20 - eligibility criteria applies
✓ Located in one of Perth's Key Growth Corridors
✓ 30 Mins to/from Perth
✓ 30 Mins to/from Mandurah
✓ Rapid Freeway Access
✓ Engaged Developers
✓ Regularly maintained private estate
✓ THREE communal parks - read about and view the photos from our most recently completed communal park
✓ Shaded BBQ areas
✓ Vast open space and landscaped parks for the whole family
✓ Kids play equipment
✓ Family friendly
✓ Close knit community

*starting price of house and land is quoted after rebates applied. Eligibility for government grants are means tested - contact us to see if you qualify. To view all available rebates and bonuses and the selection of lots for sale with pricing, download our current pricing list here.

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