3rd Communal Park Is Now Open!

August 24, 2018

Sunrise at Wellard, Wellard’s leading land developer and home of Wellard’s best valued land and house and land packages is extremely proud to announce the opening of our third communal park for the continued enjoyment of our residents, present and future.


This spacious corner park is located at the corners of Indigo and Aurora and provides some great amenity for residents whilst also providing a lovely outlook for interfacing residential homes.

It features two outdoor gym pieces – one shoulder press and one cycling machine to give our residents the option to stay fit and healthy! There is also a children’s slide and play equipment including swings and climbing ropes, retained trees for shade in the forthcoming sunny months, landscaped gardens and relaxation areas fit to lie around reading or chilling out and playing sports with the whole family.

With two park benches and two seated tables there is heaps of opportunity for a pleasant trip to the park. With our existing two parks bigger in size than this recent addition, there is now a significant amount of space for rest and relaxation, leisure and entertainment. With shaded areas throughout the parks with retained trees, exercise equipment and kids play equipment throughout and shaded tables and BBQ areas our dedication to ensuring our residents have excellent amenities are always paramount.



It is pleasing seeing residents already enjoying the new park and we look forward to the continued maintenance we regularly arrange for all parks in our private estate. For more information on our land available from only $135,000 and our house and land packages for less than $300,000don’t delay – act now and have one of our expert house and land consultants understand your situation and best match it to the limited land we have available – call our Sales Managers Samantha Davies & Phil Lankowski on 0412 579 522 now or send us an online query and we will call you back.


The park has two seated tables perfect for enjoying a picnic while the kids and family plays!


There is a swing, slide, climbing equipment and other activities for the kids to enjoy.



This is the cycling machine and one of two fitness equipment machines provided for residents

This is the shoulder press to provide the option to our residents to stay fit and healthy!

We have retained trees in the park to provide shade for residents from the harsh sun and help the environment

The grassed areas are prefect for playing cricket, kicking the footy or letting the kids -or dogs- do some running around


Although smaller in comparison to our other two landscaped parks with excellent amenities for residents, this park is still spacious enough to relax in private


Surfing the net on your tablet? Or phone? Or sipping a coffee with a book? Whatever your option, this bench with a panoramic view of the park is a great choice.