Meet The Gardeners At Sunrise!

May 3, 2019

Ray & Lynne are a married couple, and the  powerhouse team behind the fantastic upkeep of the Sunrise estate which is a great bonus while looking for houses in Wellard to build.

Each week, you can spot the friendly husband and wife gardening and keeping the Wellard land estate looking pristine and tidy providing our present and future residents with clean and manicured parks and streetscapes surrounding their homes.

Ray and Lynne are not part of the council up keep most estates offer, they are dedicated employees of Okeland Communities, the developer of Sunrise.  Okeland Communities are a family owned and operated business whose strong family values are at the heart of everything they do. They have a commitment to the communities they create and the passion to do things differently.


No other estate in this area features the level of maintenance Lynne & I are dedicated to at Sunrise”, says Ray sitting on his John Deere ride on commercial mower. “I use two different machines just in the upkeep of the lawns,” explains Ray.

Because the estate benefits from so many large, retained natural trees leaves can fall a lot on the three communal parks our residents use often. However this is no issue for Lynne and I as we are on the case regularly cleaning up and ensuring the grounds are well kept throughout the week”.

When asked about the community as a whole, Ray agrees the Sunrise residents are close knit. “It’s great to see almost everyone in this estate is friendly and acknowledges each other, even waves a lot of the time as they drive by. You don’t get that often anymore. I understand there is a private Facebook group, I think it is really good that the residents regularly look out for each other and share tips about the local goings on.”


Within Sunrise Estate there are three large communal parks, with the latest park within walking distance to our recent release in Stage 8. Next time you drive through the Sunrise Estate, give Lynne & Ray a big wave and smile.

Check out how much our residents appreciate the hard work that Lynne and Ray put in consistently around the Estate:



A big thank you to both Ray and Lynne, for your ongoing commitment and dedication to Sunrise, and for always ensuing our streets look beautiful for our Sunrise residents.

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