Top 11 Considerations When Choosing House and Land Packages

March 29, 2018

Committing to a House and Land Package for many people is one of the biggest and most important decisions of their working life. We have compiled 11 of the top considerations to help you decide on the perfect house and land package when buying in Perth.


  • Area


The area that you want to live in vs the area that you can afford to live in. Does the area have a good sense of community? Have you researched the area and spoken to people that live in the area about how they like it? They are the best judges. What are the surrounding suburbs? Are they becoming more populated and are amenities in the area of a satisfactory standard for you and your family? Is the area a noisy and polluted area or is it clean and fresh with relaxing open spaces. Sunrise at Wellard has 30,000m2 of open space with outstanding amenities.


  • Proximity to Coast


Any home close to the Western Australian coast is valued and we believe always will be valued at a premium. Living close to the beach offers a fantastic quality of life in the spring and sunset with some amazing sunsets and even a winter’s day can be enjoyed with a walk along the beach with some fresh air to cleanse the lungs. Sunrise at Wellard is only 10 mins drive to the picturesque and popular Kwinana Beach.


  • Proximity to Shops


It is completely inconvenient owning a house and piece of land and being miles from the nearest shops. How close are the shops? What happens if you need some groceries at night, can you duck down the road or do you have to endure an uncomfortable trek? Sunrise at Wellard is just 4km’s away from Kwinana Marketplace – a 7 minute drive.


  • Proximity to Public Transport


Commuting around Perth is becoming more popular given the worsening congestion on the Kwinana and Mitchell Freeways. Relax and read and get whisked to the City at 110km/hr on a train VS battling with road rage and inconsiderate Perth drivers that still don’t know how to merge! Kwinana and Wellard train stations on the Mandurah line are both less than 5km from Sunrise at Wellard and Transperth buses service routes to the Estate.


  • Inclusions


House and Land is a competitive game – use it to your advantage and as leverage to get more from your builder. Seek out the best valued deal. What extras can be included in the price? For example, does the Builder offer fixed site costs or are the costs variable? Do kitchen appliances come with the package? Do you have a choice of elevations? How about insulation? Walk in wardrobes? These are all perks that you must lock in as part of the package to serve your housing needs best.


  • Builder Experience


With the building and construction community undergoing some challenges recently in Western Australia, it is vital that you do your homework on your shortlist of builders. The last thing you need is a half built home with the builder going in to Administration and your life and future house placed on hold until the contract is potentially on sold for completion. Some good questions are: What examples can the builder show you that they have done? What people have the built for and can you contact them to verify their experience with the Builder? What insurance does the builder have – can you view the certificate of currency for their insurance policies?


  • Rebates


The First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) is a one off payment to encourage and assist Western Australians to buy house and land. Payments of up to $15,000 can be made via the FHOG and apply if this is your first home and you plan to live in it. Speak to your land developer and/builder to see if any other rebates or discounts can apply in your circumstances. Sunrise at Wellard currently have a “Knock $30k Off Your Block” promotion. That’s a lot of rebate/discount!


  • Building Process


What is the process when building? When will site inspections be conducted? What systems does the builder have for transparency and accountability? What happens if something goes wrong? How will the builder fix it and what are they responsible for and what are they not responsible for?


  • Building Timeline


How long will the house take to build? What happens if there are cost or time overruns? If there are time overruns, do you have flexible alternate accomodation conservatively planned?


  • Workmanship


What level of workmanship are you going to receive when you choose a builder to construct your house? What other houses that they have built can you go and inspect? Can you get an independent inspection of a house they have built or will they agree to an independent inspection near completion and agree to remedy any inferior workmanship the independent property inspector discovers? Why or why not? If they are a reputable builder they should back their workmanship 100%


  • Structural Guarantee


Does the house come with peace of mind via a structural guarantee? Some structural guarantees are valid for 10, 15 or 25 years, some others are guaranteed for life. Find out what your builder offers and rest with one that you are most comfortable with.


Don’t delay – act now and have one of our expert house and land consultants understand your situation and best match it to the limited land we have available – call our Sales Managers Samantha Davies & Phil Lankowski on 0412 579 522 now or send us an online query and we will call you back.