Checklist for Buying Land In Perth

March 14, 2018

Buying land is an important first step to the property ownership dream and selecting the right area can determine the future property value of your new home.

Buying land can be a fantastic method to get the ball rolling in the home ownership market when you aren’t quite ready to build or you want to invest in land for the future. What factors do you need to consider when you are thinking about buying land? We have collated some useful tips to help guide you when it comes to Perth land sales.


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Proximity to the Coast

As you know, the world class and beautiful Western Australian coast is not going anywhere. People will always value land close to the coast highly given the attraction of the picturesque ocean. Sunrise at Wellard is only 10 mins drive from Kwinana Beach.

Proximity to Public Transport

If you don’t drive, or don’t want to brave the ever increasing Freeway congestion in Perth on a daily basis, you’ll need to consider public transport and its proximity to your land. Accessible public transport makes for an easy commute. Kwinana and Wellard train stations on the Mandurah line are both less than 5km from Sunrise at Wellard and Transperth buses service routes close by.

Proximity to public services

Is there a library and hospital nearby to your block of land. Do you want to be within reasonable distance of public services or are you happy living miles from any? The Darius Wells Library in Kwinana is an 8 minute -or 5 km- drive from Sunrise at Wellard and Rockingham General Hospital is an 18 minute -or 16 km- drive.

Proximity to shops

Do you prefer a quick run up to the shops or are you happy for a long trek to your local shops? Proximity to the shops is a strong selling point for land as people value convenience. Sunrise at Wellard is just 4 km’s away from Kwinana Marketplace – a 7 minute drive. Kwinana Marketplace has a Coles, Woolworths, Big W, Best & Less, Ice Design, Dan Murphy’s, Liquorland, Anytime Fitness, OPSM and dozens more fashion, beauty, food and services such as a BP petrol station, Commonwealth Bank & Bankwest branch and a Post Office. Who needs to go to town where everything is on your doorstep!

Incline of your block

If you buy land on an incline you need to plan for and forecast the costs to manage run offs and potential flooding. Sunrise at Wellard offers flat land so you can rule out this consideration when you buy one of our great lots from $125,000

The type of house you want to build

Block size determines what you can buy. Although your budget may allow for a small block of 160m2 will you need a larger area for a bigger house – perhaps you are planning or have a family? There are many great house and land packages in Wellard so if you can commit to a package your home ownership dream can be completely realised. Sunrise at Wellard has many house and land packages from $295,000 with some of Western Australia’s best builders.

Trees and Bushland

Does the block have trees on it? They may be good for shade however they can cause damage in storms, the leaves can become messy and bushland nearby can bring added risk from mother nature. If your target block of land has trees on it, how much will it cost you to get them cleared? Can you get them cleared? What council regulations are in place? These are all considerations you may not immediately have thought of. Sunrise at Wellard benefits from plenty of preserved trees in the massive landscaped parks we provide for our residents without having trees or bushland too close to the blocks of land.


Don’t delay – act now and have one of our expert house and land consultants understand your situation and best match it to the limited land we have available – call our Sales Managers Samantha Davies & Phil Lankowski on 0412 579 522 now or send us an online query and we will call you back.