A Swim At The Beach? 10 Mins From Sunrise in Summer.

January 31, 2019

There are few things more refreshing and rejuvenating for the whole family than a dip in the Ocean. Sunrise at Wellard is conveniently located only ten minutes drive from the pristine and beautiful waters of Kwinana Beach. Here is a time-lapse video from the entry of the Estate near the Sales Office on the corner of Mortimer Road and Sunrise Boulevard to the green grasses and family friendly picnic and BBQ facilities next to the white sand of Kwinana Beach.


10 Mins Drive Time-lapse Of The Car Drive From Sunrise to Kwinana Beach:

The water colour as you can see is phenomenal and beautiful to relax and swim around in. The water itself is very calm and suitable for supervised young children to splash around and play in and provides a fantastic and inexpensive added feature to the great quality of life you can expect at Sunrise at Wellard to move in as a future resident if you have been monitoring house prices in Wellard.

360 Panorama Of Kwinana Beach:

Your own intimate slice of beach with beautiful clean waters, only 10 mins drive from Sunrise!

7 Ideas For Family Fun at Kwinana Beach This Summer:

  1. Pack a picnic in an esky and go and enjoy some quality family time in the outdoors. There are BBQ facilities in a grassed area complete with swings and kids play equipment.
  2. Play “Catch” in the water with a tennis ball. Kids love water and splashing around in it and the fun that brings. A tennis ball is a cheap addition to any household and can amuse kids throwing back and forth standing in waist deep calm water for a long time!
  3. RELAX AND CALM! Take a towel down and relax with some soothing music or calm your nervous system and life down with the relaxing sounds of the water gently lapping up in the background.
  4. Swimming – As the photos of Kwinana beach show, it can be very calm providing opportune conditions for swimming in. Swimming is a great activity for the kids as it is the adults, and anyone at any age as it exercises all your muscles while suspended in non impact water.
  5. Bluetooth Speakers – take your bluetooth speaker down to the beach and listen to your favourite music or stream your favourite radio station. Be respectful of others with your music volume.
  6. Watch the Sunset – a great way to end any hot, Perth, summer’s day is to watch the sunset at the beach after a cool swim. Let your life worries melt away with the beautiful sunset.
  7. Catch Up With Friends & Family – almost everybody loves the beach and the relaxed experience of going and hanging out there. With only 10 minutes drive by car from Sunrise at Wellard estate, you can meet friends and family there and enjoy a great morning or evening together.
The Beautiful Waters at Kwinana Beach Provide An Ideal Summer Activity For Families
Hard Day At Work? Hard To Stay Stressed While Relaxing At Kwinana Beach, 10 Mins Drive from Sunrise.

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